Update on NIBC’s Annual General Meeting on 17 April 2020

News Release -

To the shareholders of NIBC Holding N.V.

In response to the global spread of the coronavirus and in view of the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM), NIBC is doing everything it can to keep its shareholders, employees and other stakeholders healthy and safe. We are therefore taking precautionary measures to limit the risk of infection for all involved. This includes avoiding unnecessary travel and large gatherings. This approach will also be applied to NIBC’s AGM which will take place on 17 April 2020.

The AGM of NIBC Holding N.V. will be held on Friday 17 April 2020 at 10.00 hours CET at its premises, Carnegieplein 4, 2517 KJ, The Hague, the Netherlands.

The AGM will be hosted in a limited physical set up, with digital alternatives to listen-in, or join the meeting and ask questions. We encourage and strongly recommend to take all options into account. In order to further mitigate potential health risks, it has been decided not so serve food and drinks before and after the meeting.

Next to joining the meeting at our offices in The Hague, you will be able to listen in through the audio webcast on our website or join the meeting and be able to ask questions via conference call. After your registration, you will be provided with the conference call number via which you can join the meeting and ask questions to NIBC’s management.

Also, we ask to submit as much questions as possible prior to the meeting. Shareholders can send their questions regarding the various agenda items via email to Judith.Jansen@nibc.com.

You may also exercise your voting right through an electronic or written proxy. Please refer to the section ‘online voting by proxy’ in the convocation that is available on our website.