Merger between NIBC Bank NV and NIBC Bank Deutschland AG concluded

News Release -

The merger between NIBC Bank NV and NIBC Bank Deutschland AG has been effectuated as per 1 November 2020. As per this date NIBC’s activities in Germany are carried out from NIBC’s existing German branch.

NIBC will be even better positioned to operate efficiently, and control costs. There is more room for focusing on supporting our existing clients and to look at new opportunities that arise in the space of innovation, transformation and sustainability, such as Fintech, Technology, and Digital Infrastructure. We are committed to our clients in Germany by supporting them in achieving their growth objectives through innovative and creative financing solutions and advisory services. It is vital for NIBC to have and maintain a local presence in our core geographies, as this allows us to stay on top of changes and opportunities for our clients and ourselves.

By focusing on existing and new clients and the industries mentioned above, we are able to maximise our impact, putting our clients first and building towards a strong and sustainable future for our clients and the German branch of NIBC. We call that forward-thinking, can-do attitude our THINK YES mentality.

For NIBC Direct clients
The savings of NIBC Direct clients continue to fall under the Dutch Deposit Guarantee Scheme and are guaranteed up to EUR 100,000 per account holder.

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