Personal message from NIBC - Stay Connected

Nieuws -

First of all, we hope you, your families and colleagues are in good health and are coming to grips with this unprecedented crisis and all the uncertainties and concerns it presents.

With this message, we would like to follow-up on our earlier communication of Friday, March 20th. The last few weeks were a challenge for everyone, both privately and professionally, considering the impact of the Corona outbreak and the additional Covid-19 measures that were introduced. We want to assure you we remain committed to providing our clients with the best possible service despite the challenges we all currently face.

Our first priority remains ensuring the safety of our employees, our clients and business partners. In light of announced government measures, we will continue to work from home where possible, which means that the vast majority of our staff is working remotely. As an organisation, we are getting used to this, leveraging technologies to enhance working outside of our office and enabling our staff to balance working from home and managing the immediate social challenges that Covid-19 represents. Therefore we will continue to provide personal service for you in the best possible way, aided greatly by digital communication channels.

In addition, we are set to support you through this difficult period, by remaining in close contact and assisting you where we can. We will gladly serve as a sparring partner in these unpredictable times, where various scenario’s and outcomes of the pandemic are possible. Although at this stage not all government support schemes are final (finalisation is expected shortly), our account managers are committed to working with you to see whether we can help you to support your business.

We look forward to staying in close contact with you personally during these unprecedented times. Do not hesitate to reach out to your regular contact person at NIBC with any questions or concerns you might have. We will keep you updated on any news from our side and please do the same towards us.

On behalf of all NIBC Corporate Banking colleagues, we wish you all the best in coping with the challenges you are faced with. Despite these challenging circumstances, we wish you a pleasant Easter weekend.

Take care.

Saskia Hovers and Caroline Oosterbaan