NPEX Entrepreneurs Fund ready to invest

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NIBC and Dutch pension fund ABP have announced that the NPEX Entrepreneurs Fund (NPEX Ondernemersfonds) made its first closing earlier this week, signaling that the fund is now operational and ready to invest.

ABP has committed EUR 25 million to the NPEX Entrepreneurs Fund, which is managed by an NIBC Group Company. It will invest only in new bonds issues on NPEX, the Dutch stock exchange for small and medium enterprises.

How does it work?
The NPEX Entrepreneurs Fund manager independently assesses all new bonds issued on NPEX and, based on its own analysis and criteria, decides whether or not to invest in part of a new issuance. The fund invests up to 25% of the maximum actual issue, and makes a minimum investment of EUR 250,000.

Entrepreneurs who are considering a new bond issue on NPEX can contact the SME exchange in the normal way. The NPEX Entrepreneurs Fund is not involved in the assessment process that precedes a bond issue on NPEX, this is all done by NPEX itself.

NIBC and ABP hope that the NPEX Entrepreneurs Fund can positively contribute to financing Dutch small and medium businesses.

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