NIBC to distribute 2019 final dividend

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Today Flora Acquisition B.V. announced that it declared its public offer on all issued and outstanding ordinary shares of NIBC Holding N.V. unconditional. This will result in settlement of the offer taking place on 30 December 2020.

In line with earlier publications on the offer and the 2019 final dividend, NIBC Holding N.V. will now proceed with distributing the 2019 final dividend of EUR 0.53 per ordinary share to all minority shareholders. The 2019 final dividend will be paid on 30 December 2020, on the same date as settlement of the offer. In addition to the 2019 final dividend, such minority shareholders that have tendered their shares in the offer will receive EUR 7.00 per ordinary share, resulting in 7.53 per ordinary share, in aggregate.

Payment of the 2019 final dividend will not be made to major shareholders J.C. Flowers & Co. and Reggeborgh Invest B.V. (or their respective affiliates) on 30 December 2020. Both major shareholders have agreed to waive their right to collect the dividend payable on their shares, until such time that in the opinion of the management and supervisory boards of NIBC Holding N.V., payment is feasible and appropriate in light of the impact of COVID-19 on the business, or when NIBC Holding N.V. or NIBC Bank N.V. pays another dividend or capital distribution to its shareholders, or repurchases any of the shares in its capital.


Financial calendar in relation to the 2019 final dividend:

28 December 2020            Ex-dividend date 2019 final dividend

29 December 2020             Record date 2019 final dividend

30 December 2020             Payment date 2019 final dividend