NIBC says Yes to Financial Education program MoneyWays

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NIBC engages in a partnership with social innovation bureau ‘Diversion’ to support MoneyWays - a financial education program for youngsters in the Netherlands. By supporting this program, NIBC can make a difference by having a sustainable impact on a number of high school students in The Hague.

Debt amongst young people in the Netherlands is an increasing problem for society. Research by National Institute for Budget Information (NIBUD) shows that one out of five students in the Netherlands (age group 18-24 years) faces severe debt problems with a lack of financial education being identified as the key driver for student debts. NIBC believes in the importance of debt prevention among young people through education, thus supports MoneyWays- a financial education program created by the social innovation bureau ‘Diversion’ and the NIBUD. The curriculum is based on peer education where young role models (ages 18-26), so-called peer educators, stimulate open discussions about how to handle money and other related financial issues.

By teaming up with Diversion, NIBC not only enabled the participation of local classrooms in the MoneyWays program but also organized a kick-off event in the office in The Hague to boost participants’ learning experience. During interactive sessions, participants of the program gained valuable insights into how a financial institution works in real life and NIBC gained useful input for the improvement of its banking services from young people. More than 20 NIBC employees supported the event by promoting active discussions about the future of banking and shared first-hand information and personal experiences related to financial knowledge.