NIBC acquires a waste wood to energy plant

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NIBC co-invested together with an experienced management team in the acquisition of a 25MW biomass plant, located in Cuijk. The management team from BECC with in depth knowledge of the plant prepared a re/development plan and asked NIBC to partner in this decisive moment. Annually, the plant will produce approximately 150.000 MWh of green electricity which is equal to the consumption of around 50.000 households.

The plant was originally developed by RWE and started operations in 2000. During its 10 year operations, it was fuelled with waste wood chips provided by public agencies and the nearby wood-processing industry in order to produce electricity. In 2010, the plant was ‘mothballed’. The plant was re-commissioned and became operational again in December 2015. The next step is to expand the business case with heat supply to industrial parties, after which the asset will exhibit attractive long term infrastructure asset characteristics.

More information on the plant:

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