Corona I Personal message from NIBC

Nieuws -

First of all, we hope you, your families and your colleagues are in good health. On behalf of all NIBC Corporate Banking colleagues, we would like to reach out to you with a personal note in these challenging times.

In the 75 years of our existence, we have been a partner to our clients. We have supported growth and progress, but also the rebuilding of companies, with our tailor-made structuring, financing, investing and advisory solutions. At this point in time, with the Covid-19 virus spreading rapidly, many of you will be facing uncertainties and difficulties, on a personal level regarding your families’ and your own health, but also with respect to your work and business. There are many unknowns. Everyone is impacted by the measures announced in the different countries in which we are active.

As always, and especially now, we stand ready to deliver tailor-made solutions to help you through this difficult period. As communicated earlier, we have adapted to the current situation and are all working from home, but remain accessible as always - now by phone or video. We are prepared and equipped and will do our utmost to support you when necessary.

We look forward to staying in close contact with you during these unprecedented times. Don’t hesitate to contact your regular contact person at NIBC with any questions or concerns you might have. We will keep you updated on any news from our side and please do the same towards us.

On behalf of all NIBC Corporate Banking colleagues,

Take care.

Saskia Hovers and Caroline Oosterbaan