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Legal Merger NIBC

As per 30 June, NIBC Markets N.V. (“NIBC Markets”, formerly known as SNS Securities N.V.) and Securities Holding B.V. (“Securities Holding”) will merge with NIBC Bank N.V. (“NIBC Bank”). As a result of this merger NIBC Markets and Securities Holding will cease to exist as of 1 July 2017.

The reason for these mergers lies in our aim to integrate all operational and risk processes within NIBC Bank and offer maximum transparency to market parties and regulators.

As result of the mergers NIBC Bank will acquire, under universal title, all property (assets and liabilities) of Securities Holding and NIBC Markets. NIBC Bank will continue the activities and services now performed by NIBC Markets

On this special web page you will find all relevant legal and KYC-related documents:

Company related documents:

Regulations related documents:

Compliance related documents:

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