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Internship at Technology Sector Team

By Vasilis Ilias, Technology Sector Team

I am currently pursuing a master in Financial Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and I found out about NIBC through university’s financial study association. After having done some research about the culture and strategy of NIBC, I knew NIBC would be the perfect place to develop my skills and knowledge. NIBC has a flat organisation structure and encourages entrepreneurial and inventive thinking at every level. At the same time, NIBC is very active in the technology industry through advising and providing financing solutions and I thought this was a great opportunity to become a “techie” and learn the ins and outs of a fast moving sector. I started my internship at the technology corporate finance team in January and not a single day has been the same.

Learning and developing in the fast lane

You learn new things every day about different industries, you work with multiple teams and also you have the chance to get exposure to a range of products that the bank is offering. Once you are settled in your team, you will start a steep learning curve. You need to be proactive about tasks, develop a clear plan with learning objectives and network and meet people from as many teams as you possibly can. In just a few months, I have developed a thorough understanding about current and emerging trends in the technology industry. I have worked closely on company and market analysis projects with the M&A and Mezzanine and Equity teams, as well as I developed a pitch for financial sponsors.

I am now wrapping up my internship after 5 months of continuous learning, meeting great people who have taught me a lot and having developed a valuable skillset that will help me to reach my future goals. It has been a great learning and development experience and if you are looking for a steep learning curve, I would strongly suggest to reach out to NIBC and learn more about recruitment and potential internships!

Think Yes moment of Vasilis

NIBC encourages entrepreneurial thinking at every level and I think this is one of the strongest elements of NIBC’s culture. One of the Think Yes moments occurred in the second month of my internship, where after seeing an index from a US company which tracks the performance of software-as-a-service companies, I thought it would be valuable if we used a similar index. I suggested the idea and then I was given the chance to build the model for the index myself. The team was very supportive and gave me guidance where needed and it was very rewarding when I saw the index graph was used in our marketing pitch.